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Our restaurant is buffet style and can also be booked for parties. Please contact us for inquiries.

We are cooking!


Adults 880yen, Kids 660yen
Time AM 7:00~AM 10:00

Although we are typically closed for lunch, hakozen lunches are available if reserved in advance. We will also open for private bookings of at least 30 diners.

Buffet-style as much as you can eat and drink(Only Soft drink)

Price:  Adult 1,980yen(tax included)/person, School Children: 1,430yen
Time: PM 5:00~PM 8:00

Free flow alcoholic beverages

Price: 4,400yen(tax included)
Time limit 120 min(PM 5:00~PM 8:00)

Alcohol Menu
Draft beer, highball(Whisky Soda), Wine, MUGI-Shochu(ice/water/hot), IMO-Shochu(Ice/water/hot), Sake(Cold/Hot)Cocktail(Green Apple, Lemon, Plum, Lime, Grape, Cassis)


Soft Drink Menu
Coffee(Ice/hot), Tea, oolong tea, Milk, Coke, Melon soda, calpis, orange

Private Room

Western type"Cattleya"

Japanese type"Sakura"

BBQ Space

Patrons will assume all risks associated with inclimate weather when reserving our BBQ space. We regret that we cannot cancel your charges if you have begun eating. In the event of rain, existing reservations will be cancelled

Party Plan

Seating capacity: chair 64, cushion, 80

Dishes course: 3000 yen(tax excluded)/ 1 person~
hors d’oeuvre course: 2000 yen(tax excluded)~

There is no additional charge for room rental.

Floor heating, Handicapped Accessible(staircase lifting device)

Complimentary breakfast for Uwa Park Hotel guests.

Party Course

We will work with you to design a menu that meets your budget. Please see below for a sample menu

【Local dishes】
HUKA Yuzarashi

Scorpion fish
Fugu fish


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